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Mount Snowdon - First Climb - 09/03/19

So yesterday (09/03/19)team Love from Rosie climbed the highest mountain in Wales Mount Snowdon. We set out at 6am with all of our hiking gear on and so ready for the day ahead! Nerves and excitement were the main feelings on the car journey there. We arrived at the Snowdon Rangers car park at about 9am brimming with excitement!! It was very cold and VERY windy when we arrived! But it was dry and we were thankful of that! The path started with numerous zigzags (and lots fields of sheep to Megan’s excitement!) we were moving at a great pace and enjoying the walk and the surroundings! We took a total of 7 babies names with us (and Rosie’s) on our tshirts and they for sure pushed us on when the climb got hard.

The higher we climbed, the more people who we bumped into, would tell us how windy and snowy it was at the top and to hold on tight when we got there! Of course we didn’t quite believe them and pushed on through the narrow gravel paths to the top. Well, as you can see when we arrived at the top, it was thick snow and ice and we couldn’t even see the summit! With this in mind we decided not to climb the steps to the summit as people were sliding back down them and we didn’t quite fancy an injury so high up! It was so thick of cloud at the top that we could hardly see anything - so we decided to take lots of photos just a little bit further down so there was a view to be seen! We were expecting that coming back down the mountain would be somewhat easier, but now we’ve done it we think it may have been harder than going up! Overall we absolutely loved our hike yesterday and felt so accomplished when we looked back on the mountain we’d just climbed! Thank you to all the moms and dads who let their babies be part of this adventure.

At the top!!!

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