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Our Aim

We want to raise money to help support parents near and far when they sadly experience stillbirth or neonatal loss. There are many ways we plan to help parents and this will be done via hospital Maternity Units/NICUs.

Initially we will donate to our local hospital where Rosie was born however long term we would love to also provide support direct to parents and other hospitals.

Help for parents via hospitals can be:

  • Providing specially made clothes for tiny babies born too soon

  • Providing books to help guide parents through their grief

  • Providing children's books so parents can read to their baby and make precious memories

  • Providing wash kits to both parents who may not have had time to pack a bag or forgotten something once they are admitted to hospital

  • Paying for specialist training for midwives to learn how to help families make memories with their babies before saying goodbye.

  • And much much more

Direct help for parents can be:

  • Extra financial help with funeral costs. Many funeral costs are covered by the funeral home when the funeral is for a baby. However there are some options that cost the parents extra. We will help to cover some of these costs to ensure the baby has the send off the parents want them to have.

  • Paying for secure storage for baby items if parents do not have storage or do not want to store baby items at home. They can be collected at any time the parent may want them in the future.